Scandalous by Martel Maxwell

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By Martel Maxwell

Meet Max and Lucy Summers – half-sisters and the easiest of acquaintances. Max is a beautiful showbiz reporter whose existence is a whirlwind of famous person events, glamorous bars, juicy gossip and beautiful males. Lucy, a gorgeous, dependent model author, has regularly been the practical one, taking good care of her little sister and not looking the limelight. yet that each one alterations whilst she falls for Hartley, Britain’s sexiest royal bachelor, and her lovelife is without warning splashed around the entrance pages of the tabloids. And whilst Hartley's ex-girlfriend begins scheming to get her guy again, Lucy realizes that she’s up opposed to greater than simply the paparazzi… in the meantime Max, bored with the continuous partying that her task includes, has eventually met the suitable guy but if she unearths out who he relatively is, she realizes that they can’t be jointly. Can Max stroll clear of the affection of her existence? and may Lucy play the celebrity video game as a way to retain hers?

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We snogged there, for hours. It sounds innocent; I reckon it was. Them kisses, they was so endless, and each one so different . . I weren’t really busting to do anything else. I didn’t feel cheated. Though best nobody warned me that at sixteen I were experiencing the highlight of my erotic life. ” Irina felt the squirm of an emotion that she was reluctant to name. In the early days with Lawrence, they, too, had whiled away hours on the battered brown couch in her apartment on West 104th Street, giving each other mouth-to-mouth.

What ever happened to mental kindness? For that matter, what ever happened to plain kindness? Lawrence had been out of town for ten days, and everything she’d said since his arrival had been either flat-out mean or insultingly fatigued. Another man—whoever that might be—would have taken issue with the dig. But Lawrence didn’t like trouble, and reached for the remote. Irina considered the word. The fact that Lawrence so frequently reached for the remote seemed apt. More criticism. When BBC2 came on, Irina was so grateful for the distraction that she could have kissed the tube.

Though Irina had always considered secrets between partners perfect poison, she nursed a competing theory about small secrets. She may have sneaked a cigarette or two not so much because she enjoyed the nicotine t h e p o s t - b i r t h d ay w o r l d 33 rush itself, but because she enjoyed the secret. She wondered if you didn’t need to keep a few bits and pieces to yourself even in the closest of relationships—especially in the closest, which otherwise threatened to subsume you into a conjoined twin (who did not take drugs) that defied surgical separation.

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