Discworld 18 Maskerade by Nigel Planer, Terry Pratchett, Random House AudioBooks

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By Nigel Planer, Terry Pratchett, Random House AudioBooks

The convey needs to cross on, as homicide, tune, and mayhem run insurrection within the night.

The Opera condominium, Ankh-Morpork, is a big, rambling construction, the place blameless younger sopranos are lured to their future through a surprisingly standard evil mastermind in a hideously deformed night dress.

At least, he hopes so. yet Granny Weatherwax, Discworld's most renowned witch, is within the viewers. and she or he does not carry with that kind of thing.

So there is going to be hassle (but however a great evening's leisure, with murderous performances you could quite hum).

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She has a good singing voice, I remember. Of course, I gave her a few tips. ” “It’s the air here,” said Mrs. Nitt. ” “Yes, indeed. Noted for it. ” “You know our Agnes. She never says much. ” “Dull? ” said Nanny Ogg. “That’s what I said,” said Mrs. Nitt. “I said we get some lovely sunsets up here. ” Nanny Ogg thought about Agnes. You needed quite large thoughts to fit all of Agnes in. Lancre had always bred strong, capable women. A Lancre farmer needed a wife who’d think nothing of beating a wolf to death with her apron when she went out to get some firewood.

Its thick rope disappeared into the darkness near the ceiling. The glass chimes tinkled. Another flare of that certain power which Agnes did her best to suppress at every turn flashed a treacherous image across her mind. “That looks like an accident waiting to happen if ever I saw one,” she mumbled. ” trilled Christine. “I’m sure they wouldn’t allow—” A chord rolled out, shaking the stage. The chandelier tinkled, and more dust came down. ” said Agnes. “It was the organ!! It’s so big it’s behind the stage!!

Money ain’t everything, Esme. What I say is, if you’ve got your health—” “I reckon, if there’s any justice, it’s about four or five thousand dollars,” said Granny quietly. There was a crash from the scullery. “So it’s a good job the money don’t matter,” Granny Weatherwax went on. “It’d be a terrible thing otherwise. ” Nanny Ogg’s white face appeared around the edge of the door. ” “Could be a bit more,” said Granny. ” Nanny Ogg stared in horrified fascination at her own fingers. “But that’s a—” She stopped.

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