Clear Thinking by R. W. Jepson

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By R. W. Jepson

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So there is a proper sphere for metaphor; metaphors add to the attractiveness of style in writing, if they are apt and fresh, and they often will help us to make difficult points clear; but they are out of place where scientific accuracy is required. Always use them with care; avoid trite and hackneyed metaphors, whose edge has been dulled and whose point has been blunted by constant use—they are the most dangerous. The more familiar a metaphor, the more suspect it is, and the more likely you are to have forgotten that it is a metaphor.

A democrat then was one who made a direct appeal to the mass of the poor. As late as 1866 Gladstone, when supporting proposals to enfranchise the upper ranks of the working class, was at pains to discourage the notion that such an extension of the electorate was democratic, assuming that to his audience the word would call up pictures of mob rule. " As regards its present ' meaning,' this is what Mr Stuart Chase says in his book The Tyranny of Words: "The concept 'Democracy' may have useful meaning in a given context with severely limited characteristics, but it has no fixed and absolute meaning.

Similarly with rights: when people use the term they may mean rights enforceable at law or they may merely be referring to privileges they think they ought to have. There are moral rights and legal rights. ' And what does the latter term mean? The right to exist, or the right to a livelihood, or a right to be maintained at the expense of the community? , their exact meaning is dependent upon circumstances, or upon the person who uses them, or on the context in which they are used. , the person using them gives them a special significance favourable to his contention.

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