Classroom Discourse Analysis: A Tool for Critical Reflection by Betsy Rymes

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By Betsy Rymes

This e-book offers academics with the instruments to investigate speak of their personal lecture room. With extrodinary ease, the writer makes advanced theoretical and methodological instruments available to academics. the writer offers an inviting means in to the wondrous global of language in use that may remind academics who're dealing with extraordinary outdoors pressures why they turned academics within the first position

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Teasing them apart through discourse analysis, however, affords greater understanding and control over words in classrooms—so that we will not interpret words one-dimensionally, or use or hear language without recognizing its multidimensional power to control how we see ourselves and others. The First Dimension: Social Context A foundational dimension of classroom discourse analysis is the broad influence of the social context outside the classroom on what gets said inside the classroom. K. Halliday, who emphasized that different forms have different functions.

This chapter provides a framework for examining how words like “dudes” and other habitual ways of speaking bring meanings with them to the classroom, but also take on new and unpredictable meanings through interaction, and how speakers can potentially create new meanings through the deliberate choice of words. , how does social context influence whether you or your Rymes Doing Classroom Discourse Analysis 31 students use the word dude? , in what sequence of interaction would your use the word dude?

The term overdetermination, coined by Louis Althusser (1971), a philosopher of language, is a term for the effects of social histories on what words mean. Swearwords (as illustrated by that preacher) are prime examples of overdetermined words. Over its interactional history, the word “shit” has been subject to the effect of other social structures and Rymes Doing Classroom Discourse Analysis 51 practices that change who can use it, what it will mean and under what circumstances. Some single words are so powerfully overdetermined that they may even be legally designated as “hate speech” that can lead to violence.

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