Cities of Mystery (AD&D Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms by Jean Rabe

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By Jean Rabe

Inside of this folder are 12 varied road structure styles that may be mixed in a large number of the way, plus 33 structures of assorted sizes and shapes that may be minimize out and assembled. The parts, scaled to be used with 25mm miniature figures, let you create third-dimensional urban scenes for characters to discover. additionally incorporated is a 64-page ebook that takes you step-by-step throughout the means of defining and designing the villages, cities, and towns of your crusade global. The booklet includes 5 event situations that utilize the road layouts and fold-up constructions - principles designed to get you begun which will making your towns come alive.

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There are so many possibilities when magical or fantastic elements are concerned. And because of the limitless number, you should create a different element each time you want to add something unusual to your campaigns’ cities. HOW TO USE THE FOLD-UPS A new dimension will be added to your gaming when you use the building fold-ups and street layouts provided with this product. Players will get more enjoyment out of each playing session in a city, because they will be better able to visualize the action their characters are involved in.

Encounters on the Street Encounters occurring on city streets can be a great amount of fun, especially if the building fold-ups from this product are used. You can lay out a section of street, complete with several buildings, and plan an encounter or a series of encounters that can take the player characters in and around buildings, over rooftops, and down dark and dangerous alleys. When using the fold-ups for encounters, you must decide if the NPCs or creatures the player characters will encounter are familiar with the city.

For example, a halfling neighborhood in a large city might hold regular feasts, for which everyone in the community prepares something to eat and participates in the pageantry in some way. A dwarven neighborhood could hold a ceremony to revere the residents’ deity, while an elven neighborhood could stage a festival to honor nature. In general, lower-class neighborhoods would not have a lot of organized celebrations, either because the people aren’t very jovial about their situation in life or because they really don’t have much to celebrate.

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