Circle of Darkness (AD&D Roleplaying, Ravenloft Adventure) by Scott Bittner

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By Scott Bittner

Circle of Darkness is a perilous event for heroes keen to stand not just the darkish Lord of G'Henna, but in addition the better evil which threatens to beat him. The destiny of a whole area is within the heroes' arms!

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The DM should continue to keep track of each hero’s supplies of food and water. Also, the DM should not forget to emphasi~ethe harsh envirnnment. ibese nine mongrelmen are filled with religious fervor at the thought of serving Zhakata directly. Persuading them that the creature in the House of Bones is not Zhakata is difficult. A successful Charisma check at a - 4 penalty allows a hero to persuade the mongrels to turn back. If allowed to continue, they will arrive at the House of Bones, only to be slaughtered by the growing army of Altered there.

He realizes the scope of this threat to his rule, but not how to stop it. The heroes are not the only searchers in the city. First, bands of looters roam the streets, and shortly after entering the city gates, the heroes encounter a group of 6. Each has a sack of plunder, including jewelry, small religious icons and coins (300 gp total value each). They have just started ransacking the bazaar. They will assume the heroes are mercenaries hired by Yagno to keep order. They have faith in their superior numbers and do not check morale until four of them are defeated.

Generally, these have been toppled or defaced. Occasionally, one of the toppled statues will seem familiar to the heroes, and those with the religion or ancient history nonweapon proficiencies will discover that they are ancient representations of gods from their homeworld, if they make successful proficiency checks. Zhakata’s Door: This is, in fact, the point at which the heroes enter G’Henna. At the DMs option, this portal may activate at different times or under different set circumstances, taking heroes to other domains or Prime Material plane worlds.

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