Character Record Sheets (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd by Inc. TSR

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Characters' names, talents, own assets, and extra may be recorded on those new sheets. Now formatted basically for extra spontaneous role-playing enjoyable. Illustrated.

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They gather a slaad army and assault a pri­ mordial in its prison realm, clashing with the most powerful of its followers and finally reaching its restrained body. Then everything goes wrong. The slaads, rather than destroying the primordial, destroy only its shackles. With a shriek of triumph , the horror breaks free. It dispatches Solariel with contemptuous ease, then turns toward the party. A final, cosmos­ shaking battle ensues. CHAP T ER 1 I Chaos Incarnate ~ :E <: U THE BIGGER THEY ARE . In an age so long ago it is mythical, the gods and the primordials battled for sovereignty over creation.

Alternatively, they might be dispatched to thwart the organization by a religiOUS faction that fears the Grave-Minders' meddling will cause the very awakening the group once feared. THE SPEAKERS OF XAOS Also called the Xaos-Speakers, this organization is respected by the few who know of it, and feared by the fewer who know it well. A cabal of arcane and scholastic explorers studying the nature of the Elemental Chaos, the Speakers ofXaos (pronounced like "chaos") pursues a variety of ambitions that, if successful, could grant its members access to world ­ shattering information.

Since that time, her loyal servants have struggled to free her by focusing elemental fire against the glacier that holds her. The leader of one such sect is the mad storm titan Mirmakur, the Raving Priest (page 154). He has tried for centuries to free the primordial. Frustrated by his efforts in the Elemental Chaos, the titan has turned his eyes elsewhere. Mirmakur recently learned that sources of potent flame- perhaps intense enough to melt away Solkara's prison-exist outside the Plane Below. The titan will stop at nothing to gain this power.

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