Feats by Alderac Entertainment

By Alderac Entertainment

Circumvent, Parry, Strike

I was once by myself at the streets of Merrick, awaiting the guards to go away . . . expecting the solar to set. I had one activity to hand, thieve the Rose of Persephone and go back it to the King of Annur.

And not anyone was once going to get in my way.

But simply then a type of uppity, eco-friendly watchmen, you recognize the sort, he blows the sign whistle and tells the guards he sees whatever. ahead of I knew it, six goons have been swarming my place and I'd spent all week casing this alley. I had just one likelihood to get out alive . . .

This is a compendium of feats.

We've taken 1000's of feats from dozens of books and compiled them in a single situation. including over 2 hundred new feats and correcting latest ones, this great compendium is every thing you'll ever desire related to feats. historical past, normal, spellcasting, or even infernal feats are all the following to carry your third variation fable video games to life.

And what participant doesn't wish that?

This booklet is the last word on feats. not anything else even comes close.
Let the video games Begin

* Over 1,000 feats
* Compiled and corrected from over 60 sources
* Infernal feats
* 1000's of latest feats
* Over a hundred feats only for spellcasters
* New Quest feats!

Requires using the Dungeons & Dragons Player's guide.

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The Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves (D&D, 3.5, d20) by Robert J. Schwalb, Jesse Decker

By Robert J. Schwalb, Jesse Decker

Elves a section boring? Dwarves drained? people bland? Halflings not any fun?

What you wish are the complex Race Codex PDFs from eco-friendly Ronin Publishing. those e-books increase and extend your techniques, bringing new tips, talents, and instruments to make personality races greater than only a choice of ability bonuses and talents. Drawn from the superior of eco-friendly Ronin's Races of Renown sequence, the complicated Race Codex sequence compiles and revises your entire favourite races.

The first intriguing PDF free up from the complicated Race Codex is Dwarves, which revises and 3.5 updates the simplest fabric from eco-friendly Ronin's critically-acclaimed Hammer & Helm sourcebook. Loaded with feats, spells, status periods, subraces, and lots more and plenty extra, your third period video games are certain to move into overdrive. inside of, you'll find:

* dwarf subraces: the eldoran (arcane dwarves) and isen (arctic dwarves).
* dozen feats, equivalent to earth harmonics and mystic endurance.
* 5 status periods, together with the acolyte of the Crystal direction and the mountain's fury devotee.
* Dozens of spells, from acid shape to will of the body.

Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves has simply what you must upload new intensity to this myth staple.

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The Fanged Crown (Forgotten Realms: The Wilds, Book 1) by Jenna Helland

By Jenna Helland

Welcome to the Jungle!

Tethyrian colonists despatched to the jungle island of Chult have vanished and in basic terms their celebrated chief has again. the tale he tells of sickness and monsters jewelry fake to his enemies--a former mutineer is distributed to find what particularly occurred to the misplaced Colony, and what the Hero of Tethyr is hiding.

the 1st ebook in a sequence designed to exhibit the uncivilized parts that iconic to the Dungeons & Dragons(R) online game, The Fanged Crown is a straightforward approach for surprising readers to choose up the Forgotten Realms(R). With lots of motion, intrigue, and event, this is a ebook that would attract new readers and frequent readers alike. The Fanged Crown and the remainder of the Wilds sequence can be learn in any order.

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The Red Hand of Doom (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by James Jacobs, Richard Baker

By James Jacobs, Richard Baker

Who Can Stand Againstthe Son of the Dragon?The Wyrmsmoke Mountains shook with the thunder of 10000 screaming hobgoblin infantrymen. From the phalanx emerged a unmarried champion. one after the other the tribes fell silent because the warlord rose up, purple scales sparkling alongside his shoulders, horns swept again from his head. 100 brilliant yellow banners stood underneath him, every one marked with an excellent pink hand. He stood upon a precipice and raised his fingers. “I am Azarr Kul, Son of the Dragon!” the warlord bellowed. “Hear me! day after today we march to war!”Red Hand of Doom is a Dungeons & Dragons event designed for characters of degrees 6—12. faced with the relentless boost of Azurr Kul’s horde, the characters needs to adopt very important missions to persuade the result of the conflict. Can they shatter the armies of the enemy, or will Azarr Kul’s desires rain destruction upon the human lands?For use with those Dungeons & Dragons® middle booksPlayer’s guide™ Dungeon Master’s advisor™ Monster guide™

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Cold Steel and Secrets: A Neverwinter Novella, Part II by Rosemary Jones

By Rosemary Jones

A whiff of brimstone, a guffawing ghost, and speak of a crown . . . partially 2 of this four-part Neverwinter novella, Rucas Sarfael unearths himself invited to a gathering of insurgent leaders and entangled greater than he would favor within the plans of the attractive and unsafe Elyne. whilst these plans result in a mad seer, Rucas unearths a clue to the treasure he seeks—and multiple route to doom.

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The City of Towers (Eberron: The Dreaming Dark, Book 1) by Keith Baker

By Keith Baker

Town of Towers launches a new novel line set on this planet of Eberron, Wizards of the Coast's most up-to-date D&D crusade surroundings. writer Keith Baker's inspiration for the interesting global of Eberron used to be selected from 11,000 submissions, and he's the co-author of the Eberron crusade surroundings, the RPG product that introduced the environment. The Eberron international will keep growing via new roleplaying online game items, novels, miniatures, and digital video games.

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Stormlight (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, Book 14) by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood


Strange magic is at the unfastened in Firefall hold -- magic that kills.

The mightiest battle Wizards are baffled, and the shadow of destruction threatens valiant Harpers and nobles of the reasonable realm of Cormyr alike. With Harpers in jeopardy, it truly is as much as the mythical Bard of Shadowdale, typhoon Silverhand, to beat this deadly and mysterious force.

"Whenever i believe i will be able to chill out finally, an individual accelerates to brutally indicate to me that I've clean paintings to do. It's time to avoid wasting the area again." -- hurricane Silverhand

Stormlight is the fourteenth in an open-ended sequence of novels ofocusing at the Harpers, the key association for stable within the Forgotten Realms delusion world.

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Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark (AD&D Forgotten by Eric L. Boyd

By Eric L. Boyd

Where has many names: the Underdark, Deepearth, the geographical regions lower than, the evening less than, the Lightless Lands. The titanic international underneath the outside is domestic to fabled races akin to beholders, cloakers, drow, illithids, and ixzan. Menzoberranzan, the feared urban of Spiders, is just one of the hidden towns of the Underdark. This 128-page booklet, compiled by way of the Underdark's most renowned son, Drizzt Do'Urden, lays naked the unusual societies that lurk within the geographical regions less than. It contains an summary of the main races of the Underdark, an Underdark survival consultant, and information and maps of greater than a dozen towns. find a drow urban developed fullyyt of calcified spider silk, a nigh-immortal dwarven king trapped in stone shape, and a storehouse of data that competitors Candlekeep. study the details of the alliance of the genuine grasp of Firedrake Bay, and a proof of the long-lasting power of the beholder cults alongside the Lake of Steam. With Drizzt Do'Urden as your consultant, an entire new international opens up underneath your toes. appropriate for all degrees of play.

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Legends & Lairs - Dungeoncraft (Dungeons & Dragons d20) by Fantasy Flight Staff

By Fantasy Flight Staff

The definitive d20 approach source for dungeon layout and survival. New principles for personality adventuring in dungeons, together with status sessions, feats, apparatus, and dungeon strategies and survival information. special guidance at the function of magic in dungeon adventures, besides a bunch of latest spells and magic goods. accomplished ideas for environmental dangers and random encounters. an entire, step by step dungeon layout process. New principles for monster morale and the social geography of dungeons. a number of particular stumble upon parts, equivalent to the Chamber of Winds and the computing device.

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