Castle Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition, by Grant Boucher

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By Grant Boucher

A wealth of data designed to permit any DM to create a crusade international in response to feudal Europe. Sections handle existence in a feudal tradition, new Battlesystem ideas for the solution of sieges, a brief answer method for large army campaigns, and an collection of ordinary castles to spark your mind's eye.

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Too quickly for anyone to take note,” Nalfein said. ” Dinin cried suddenly, eyes widening in feigned horror as he looked over his brother’s shoulder. Nalfein reacted immediately, spinning to face the danger at his back, only to put the true danger at his back. For even as Nalfein realized the deception, Dinin’s sword slipped into his spine. Dinin put his head to his brother’s shoulder and pressed his cheek to Nalfein’s, watching the red sparkle of heat leave his brother’s eyes. “Too quickly for anyone to take note,” Dinin teased, echoing his brother’s earlier words.

He had no light to guide him, but he needed none. He was a dark elf, a drow, an ebon-skinned cousin of those sylvan folk who danced under the stars on the world’s surface. To Dinin’s superior eyes, which translated subtle variations of heat into vivid and colorful images, the Underdark was far from a lightless place. Colors all across the spectrum swirled before him in the stone of the walls and the floor, heated by some distant fissure or hot stream. The heat of living things was the most distinctive, letting the dark elf view his enemies in details as intricate as any surface-dweller would find in brilliant daylight.

Matron Malice stopped her with an outstretched hand. “Attend to the fighting,” the matron said to Rizzen. ” Rizzen shifted again and dropped his gaze. Dinin came to the magically wrought fence that connected the keep within the city’s west wall with the two small stalagmite towers of House Do’Urden, and which formed the courtyard to the compound. The fence was adamantine, the hardest metal in all the world, and adorning it were a hundred weapon-wielding spider carvings, each ensorcelled with deadly glyphs and wards.

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