Castaway by James Gould Cozzens

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By James Gould Cozzens

An unspecified disaster has overtaken manhattan. Mr. Lecky, the only real survivor, unearths himself in a very good division shop which has additionally escaped destruction. here's every thing a man or woman may wish, not just to help life yet to find the money for luxurious and luxury. yet no longer rather every little thing. because the tale unfolds with scary rapidity, it turns into transparent that Mr. Cozzens has developed a latest parable of the story of Robinson Crusoe, one with strong implication—philosophical, mental, mystical—for the survival of contemporary guy. "Whatever the realization at which the reader arrives, what's past doubt is that the publication is an engaging and uncommon piece of work."—London occasions Literary complement. "Mr. Cozzens isn't any suggest artist in prose, and he has unique principles. He works additionally with admirable financial system of suggest, and with sensible aspect that rivets the imagination."—Saturday assessment. "No one that has ever learn a singular of his has forgotten it."—Bernard De Voto.

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