Carnival of Fear by J. Robert King

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By J. Robert King

Within the evil land of l'Morai, 3 carnival performers examine a dying alongside the sideshow boardwalk in the course of a carnival, and their seek reveals a conspiracy and results in extra murders.

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He may be our only hope. We can't expect to plead our own case and win. " Marie's expression was distant, as though she were listening to some faraway voice. "There's something about them, Morcastle-about jurisconsults, I mean. " Uncrossing his arms, L'Aris said, "1 will interview you, for one, getting the full story and learning about every possible shred of evidence against Dominick. I'll also counsel you on what to say and what not to say. I'll search for, gather, and present evidence based on the interviews.

I am the carnival. " His face clenched in pain, Fassioux glanced upward. The grimacing Punchinello swung in front of him. The officer snorted derisively, then nodded in compliance. " Again Punchinello went slack, crumpling to the planks. The Puppetmaster pivoted, dragging the marU onette in a lazy arc around his booted feet. He began to pace the small room, his movements making the tapestry walls billow out slightly. "So, you performers- and I'll take you, Marie, as the voice of the performers-say a murder has taken place.

Dominick rose and laughed through bloodied teeth. He vaulted toward Oreaux, planted his anormous boot on the oracle's thin chest, and knocked the black throne over backward. Shuddering and screaming, Oreaux tipped over. The back of the chair struck the ground and cracked. Dominick ran for the tent wall. Reaching it, he lifted the tarp and slipped out into the crowded circus. Glaring toward the flapping tent wall, Morcastle rushed to the bleeding man-giant and knelt down beside him. Satina latched onto Marie's arms and led feer toward Hermos as well.

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