Carnets I : mai 1935 - février 1942 by Albert Camus

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By Albert Camus

Il s’agit d’abord de se taire – de supprimer le public et de savoir se juger. D’équilibrer une attentive tradition du corps avec une attentive moral sense de vivre. D’abandonner toute prétention et de s’attacher à un double travail de libération – à l’égard de l’argent et à l’égard de ses propres vanités et de ses lâchetés. Vivre en règle. Deux ans ne sont pas de trop dans une vie pour réfléchir sur un seul aspect. Il faut liquider tous les états antérieurs et mettre toute sa strength d’abord à ne rien désapprendre, ensuite à patiemment apprendre.

Dans ses Carnets, Albert Camus se confronte au monde autant qu’à lui-même. Curieux de tous et de tout, il raconte une anecdote, épingle une sensation, fixe pour y revenir idées et citations. Ce most effective quantity rassemble les notes prises de 1935 à 1942, alors qu’Albert Camus rédige, entre autres livres, Noces, L’Étranger et Le Mythe de Sisyphe.

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Fodor, 1990b, p. 156) We have already noted (in the Dualism subsection) that interactionist dualism (whether of the substance or property variety) has a problem with mental causation. It might have been hoped that embracing physicalism would remove this difficulty. No such luck. In fact, the physicalist faces several distinct problems of mental causation (Kim, 1998, Chapter 2). Perhaps these problems are actually different faces of a single problem which will succumb to a single solution, but that has yet to be shown.

Some philosophers have argued that psychology needs only narrow content; in contrast, other philosophers have wondered whether narrow content is really a kind of content at all. ) Mental Causation Common sense tells us that physical and mental properties causally interact: bodily damage causes pain and pain causes wincing. Moreover, our commonsense notions of agency and responsibility invoke mental to physical causal relations. We have different moral and affective a itudes towards those whose destructive behaviour is caused by their intentions to behave destructively than we do towards those whose destructive behaviour is not caused by such intentions.

According to the considerations pursued in the last two paragraphs, Oscar’s beer thought is about the proportion of H2O in beer; Twin Oscar’s thought is about the proportion of XYZ in beer. Some theorists, however, think that there is a sense in which Oscar’s and Twin-Oscar’s beer thoughts are the same and that, in a certain sense, their thoughts have the same content. Se ing aside the fact that Oscar’s brain contains H2O exactly where Twin-Oscar’s brain contains XYZ, their brains are identical; in particular, the narrow subvenient bases of their beer thoughts are identical.

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