Captain's Paradise by Kay Hooper

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By Kay Hooper

While Robin Stuart is pulled from the stormy seas, she will in basic terms hold desperately to the fingers that encompass her. Robin has been too just about chance to not realize it back: within the eyes of the rugged, fearless guy. Michael Siran is a professional at taking part in harmful video games. yet from the instant the terrified good looks with the piercing gaze units foot on his send, he is touched by way of a real feel of objective. Robin insists on last by way of his aspect - even supposing she is calling the realm of a guy who trusts not anyone. Michael is decided to provide her every little thing - if he can merely make her remember the fact that even heroes are human, and that her braveness runs as deep as his love.

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But he was somehow reluctant to abandon her. She had very likely been on the same yacht with Lisa; she had gone through much the same thing as Lisa; she was a link to Lisa. And that was all there was to it, he firmly told himself, and it accounted for his feeling that he couldn't abandon her. She turned her head suddenly to look at him, green eyes vivid but shuttered against the creamy pale complexion of a true redhead, and he knew he was lying to himself. He wanted Robin, and that had nothing to do with Lisa.

She asked, sounding rattled. " He stepped inside to take the wheel, consciously trying to avoid touching her—and in consequence touching her all too firmly. She moved a bit awkwardly to get hastily past him, and he heard a muttered "dammit" as she passed with her head bent. She felt it too, he realized, and that understanding made it more difficult than ever for him to control his desire. Michael took the wheel and said suddenly, "Look, Robin, this isn't just a fun game you seem willing to play, and if you're with me, you're as much a target as I am.

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