Business Vocabulary in Practice (Collins Cobuild) - 1st by Sue Robbins

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By Sue Robbins

Appropriate for intermediate to complex beginners of English, this article presents accomplished insurance of latest enterprise vocabulary. it's been illustrated with hundreds of thousands of examples of genuine English from the financial institution of English, to assist scholars write, converse and comprehend English larger. offered in an easy-to-use structure, with definitions at the left-hand pages and similar perform workouts at the right-hand pages, including a "Materials financial institution" containing hundreds and hundreds of extra workouts, scholars are given the chance to realize a greater knowing of the English language within the box of commercial and trade.

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Minx: 말괄량이, 바람난 처녀. monotonous: 단조로운, 변화가 없어 지루한. mortal: 치명적인, 인간의, 인간, 불치의, 길고 긴, 생각할 수 있는, 지루한, 죽어야 할, 죽어야 할 것, 사람, 가능한-죽어야 할 것. noisily: 시끄럽게, 요란하게. powerfully: 강력하게, 유력하게, 심히, 많이, 매우. recollected: 냉정한, 침착한, 추억의, 차분한, 묵상에 잠긴, 생각난. resent: 원망하다, 분개하다, 에 골내다, 을 분개하다, 괘씸하게 생각하다, 화내다. spelling: 철자, 철자법. toilette: 화장, 의상, 몸단장, 일습, 옷, 화장실, 화장 도구, 세척, 옷매무새. vanquish: 정복하다, 에 이기다, 극복하다, 이기다. 28 Wuthering Heights 'Always%at nine in winter, and rise at four,' said my host, suppressing a groan: and, as I fancied, by the motion of his arm's shadow, dashing a tear from his eyes.

I have: and troubles too,' she said. Korean animation: 생기, 활발, 원기, 만화영화제작, 동화. dusk: 땅거미, 그늘, 어스레한, 황혼, 거무스름한, 어둑해지다, 어스름, 음울한, 어둑하게 하다. impracticable: 실행 불가능한, 통행할 수 없는, 다루기 힘든, 통행할수 없는, 처치 곤란한, 억척스러운, 버거운, 고집센, 다루기 어려운, 실시 불가능한. interval: 간격, 휴게시간, 음정, 이따금, 때때로, 차거리, 여기저기, 틈막간, 휴지기, 휴지시간, 막간. lighted: 불이 켜진. lull: 잠잠함, 달래다, 가라앉히다, 진정시키다, 두절, 뜸함, 소강 상태, 어르다, 자다, 잠깐 쉼, 가라앉다. meditation: 묵상, 명상록, 심사숙고, 심사 숙고, 명상. necessities: 생필품. pretence: 구실, 주장, 거짓 꾸밈, 허세, 요구, 겉치례, 허위, 겉치레. rouse: 각성, 격려하다, 날아오르게하다, 일어나다, 술판, 일으키다, 성나게 하다, 분발, 잠이 깨다, 휘젓다, 고무하다.

And that minx, Catherine Linton, or Earnshaw, or however she was called - she must have been a changeling - wicked little soul! ' Scarcely were these words uttered when I recollected the association of Heathcliff's with Catherine's name in the book, which had completely slipped from my memory, till thus awakened. I blushed at my inconsideration: but, without showing further consciousness of the offence, I hastened to add - 'The truth is, sir, I passed the first part of the night in - ' Here I stopped afresh - I was about to say 'perusing those old volumes,' then it would have revealed my knowledge of their written, as well as their printed, contents; so, correcting myself, I went on - 'in spelling over the name scratched on that window-ledge.

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