Bastion of Faith (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) by Bruce R. Cordell

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By Bruce R. Cordell

Awarded in a structure like its predecessors, Den of Thieves and school of Wizardry, this accent provides a complete temple of monks DM can drop into any crusade with at the very least attempt. incorporated during this product are new priest spells and magical goods, feedback for working a crusade round the temple, and several other brief adventures.

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As such, the Archpaladin is immune to weapons of less than +2 enchantment. Weapons of +4 or greater enchantmenk inflict full damage. Weapons whose magic power woulld normally sever body parts, such as a sword of sharpness or borpal blade, do not do so to Heironeous, but they do inflict normal damage, as modified above based on their enchantmenk. In additibn to his normal attacks, Heironeous can unleash a bolt of g l o i (as the 6th-level priest spell, described later in this book) once per round, at will.

Those who ascribe to the thiefly philosophy believe that ownmhip is nine-tenths of the law. This does not sit well with anyone with any regard for equity, and thus agents of the temple and members of the guild are almost constantly in contention. The Bastion periodically sends out its inquisitors to discover the locations of the roving bases used for forgery, gambling, and smuggling by representativesof the guild. When mch places are discovered, the Bastion informs the local guard, and usually supplies a few templars to help ”clean up” the illegal operation.

Cost f 300 f20 f10 f20 f300 f 300 f 100 f 50 f 40 f80 f 160 f10 f20 f50 f 50 f50 f300 f 500 f10 f 50 f10 I healing It's a commdn sight in the public chapel: A company of worn, weathered, dnd wounded adventurers appears on the steps, desperate for healing, and in some cases, the raising of a comrade severed from life. Unless the party is interrupting Homily or a divine holiday service, they are usually tended as quickly a possible. Mother Aman ushers those in need of healing to a peaceful anterood.

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