Baroque and Desperate (A Den of Antiquity Mystery) by Tamar Myers

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By Tamar Myers

In a Treasure-Laden Mansion

Unflappable and inventive, Abigail Timberlake, vintage broker and proprietor of Charlotte, North Carolina's Den of Antiquity, depends on her wisdom and savvy to authenitcate the evidence from the fakes by way of both curios or humans. Her services makes Abby valuable to tremendously good-looking Tradd Maxwell Burton, prosperous scion of the popular Latham family members. He wishes her to figure out the main precious merchandise within the Latham mansion after which cut up the proceeds of it along with her. A treasure hunt in an antique-filled manor? All Abby can say is "let the video games begin."

It's difficult to maintain Help

Accompanied by means of her top female friend, C.J., Abby arrives on the property and is met with cool reserve, if no downright rudeness, from the individuals of the Latham extended family. attempting to perform Tradd's request, Abby unearths that she may well lower the family stress with a knife. yet a person has crushed her to it via stabbing a maid to loss of life with an historical kris. abruptly all eyes are on C.J., whose fingerprints ensue to be all around the homicide weapon. it really is as much as Abby to exploit her knack for detecting forgeries to show the pretend alibi of the true killer.

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Husband Harold turned red and grinned. ” Mrs. Latham surveyed her descendants slowly, adding to the 54 / Tamar Myers drama. ” There were a few groans, and I think I recognized Rupert’s voice. The old lady held up a quieting hand. “But, as I said on the invitation, that missing antique is worth a minimum of a hundred thousand dollars—which, I believe, is still worth more than a Porsche. ” Albert raised his glass of punch. ” Flora must have slipped out and in again, unnoticed, because suddenly she was at my elbow with a silver tray of shrimp canapés.

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