Bad Boys in Black Tie by Lori Foster

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By Lori Foster

A few males you cannot take anyplace. . .except the bedroom.

Good together with his Hands

By New York Times bestselling writer Lori Foster As next-door associates and most sensible associates, Pete Watson and Cassidy McClannahan have a "no intercourse" courting. until eventually Pete makes a decision he is able to remodel himself into definitely the right "black tie" man he thinks she wishes. And as soon as she's in his fingers, he will exhibit her simply what else that black tie can do. . .

Miss severe Congeniality

By New York Times bestselling writer Erin McCarthy CJ White understands there needs to be a seize while Wyatt Maddock--her despised FBI partner--offers to move out of Chicago and much, far-off from her: she has to spend one attractive evening with the untamed playboy, donning the outfit of his selection. . .

Last name through Morgan Leigh

Tess Braeden is new in Justice, North Carolina, yet there isn't any justice whilst she learns that her inherited house is approximately to be foreclosed on. Thank goodness for the sensual, mysterious Fletcher Graham. yet will Mr. correct turn into Mr. fallacious as soon as Tess discovers his day task?

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Little hairs stuck out everywhere. Cassidy jerked out the rubber band, brushed her hair, and decided against braiding it again. It'd take too long, especially considering she had a naked man in her bed. She wet a washcloth, wrung it out, and headed back to Pete with the small bathroom trash can in hand. She could feel her hair feathering against the bare skin of her back, reminding her of her nakedness. Now that she'd thought about being naked, she felt more self-conscious. She peeked into the bedroom, saw Pete had pushed himself up against the headboard and knew there was no help for it.

Cheeks flushed with warm color, she shook her head. " Pete moved closer still. He took her coffee cup and set it on the counter. " She stared up at him, her blue-green eyes shining, her lips parted. "I'd kiss you back," she said on a breathless gasp, and then she attacked him. Pete staggered back from her assault. And it was an assault. She had a death grip on his neck, her mouth plastered to his so hard his lips were smashed against his teeth. The small of his back landed with jarring impact against the sharp edge of the counter.

The climax took her completely by surprise. She hadn't expected it. Not so easily. Her whole body went taut and hot, shaking uncontrollably, her hips lifting and twisting against his mouth, her hands gripping the sheets tight, trying to anchor herself. " It felt like she'd die, like she'd never be the same again. Even after the crushing pleasure faded, her body continued to pulse and shiver and she still couldn't get enough air into her lungs or any strength into her limp limbs. Reality swam around her, not quite within reach.

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