Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide by David Dr. Frawley

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By David Dr. Frawley

Offers the Ayurvedic remedy of universal ailments, protecting over 80 diversified illnesses from the typical chilly to melanoma.

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Accumulation The humors begin to increase in their respective locales. Causes include wrong diet, seasonal maladjustments, wrong life style, psychological disturbance, and all the usual factors that increase a particular humor. Vata (air) accumulates in the colon causing distention, gas, constipation, insomnia, fear, fatigue, dryness and seeking of warmth. Pitta (fire) accumulates in the small intestine producing burning sensation, fever, hyperacidity, bitter taste in the mouth, yellow coloring of urine and stool, desire for cold things, and anger.

Each Constitutional Examination 31 humor is divided according to the three qualities. We see that no humor is better than the others in terms of the mental nature. The qualities vary, but higher and lower aspects exist in each type. Seven different mental types can be ascertained for each humor (like the seven different humoral types). These are pure sattva, pure rajas, pure tamas, sattva-rajas, sattva-tamas, rajas-tamas and all three in equal proportion. Totally pure sattva (shuddha sattva) gives enlightenment.

Salty taste is softening, laxative and sedative. In small amounts it stimulates digestion, in moderate amounts it is purgative, and in very large amounts it causes vomiting. Sour taste is stimulant, carminative (dispels gas), nourishing and thirst relieving. It increases all tissues but the reproductive. Pungent taste is stimulant, carminative, and diaphoretic (promotes sweating). It improves metabolism and promotes all organic functions. It promotes heat and digestion and counters cold sensations.

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