Ayurvedic Astrology by David Dr. Frawley

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By David Dr. Frawley

In his most up-to-date ebook, Dr. David Frawley unlocks historic astrological understandings of the human body's inherent weaknesses in keeping with positions of the planets and stars at beginning. In so doing, he publications us to keep away from ailment by means of utilising targeted conventional Vedic remedial measures after which is helping us comprehend the karma at the back of health problems once they do occur.

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For example, the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is exhibited as recurrent dyspepsia, abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements, the cause of which is unknown. The treatment is largely one of providing symptomatic relief. In TCM the syndrome of ‘weak spleen and stomach qi’ exhibits similar symptoms to that of IBS. The treatment addresses the underlying imbalance by providing a tonic for qi and promoting its flow. The basic causes of illness are classified into external pathogenic and internal pathogenic factors.

Indd 29 28-02-2014 19:32:59 30 The Theory of Chinese Medicine to State, and the emergence of hospital medicine (first in Paris) was characterised by scientific observation, pathological examination and a detailed knowledge of anatomy. 41 A major step forward was made with research on childbed fever (puerperal sepsis) in 1846 when Semmelweis observed that the mortality rates of women after childbirth varied with hygiene conditions, leading him to the conclusion that childbed fever was caused by decaying matter.

In using the methods of science to investigate the causes of disease, biomedical science is influenced by the values (interests) of the medical researcher and policy makers who seek the optimal use of economic resources to achieve the objectives of health policy. That theory choice in medicine is value-laden, as some have argued it is in science, applies equally to TCM. Chinese medicine emphasises the building up resistance to illness, as pointed out in the aphorism ‘zheng qi cun nei, xie bu ke gan’ ↓≄ᆈ޵ˈ䛚нਟᒢ (If the body is rich in healthy qi, it will not succumb to external pathogens).

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