Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking by Neil Browne, Stuart M. Keeley

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By Neil Browne, Stuart M. Keeley

The behavior and attitudes linked to severe pondering are transferable to patron, scientific, felony, and normal moral offerings. whilst our doctor says surgical procedure is required, it may be lifestyles maintaining to hunt solutions to the severe questions inspired in Asking the proper Questions This renowned booklet is helping bridge the distance among easily memorizing or blindly accepting info, and the larger problem of severe analysing the issues we're advised and browse. It offers techniques for responding to substitute issues of view and should support readers increase a superior origin for making own offerings approximately what to just accept and what to reject.

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Taking the time to locate arguments before we assess what we think was said is only fair to the person providing the argument. Initiating the Questioning Process The first step in identifying reasons is to approach the argument with a questioning attitude, and the first question you should ask is a why question. You have identified the conclusion; now you wish to know why the conclusion makes sense. " then it is not a reason. To function as a reason, a statement (or group of statements) must provide support for a conclusion.

The conflict here is about whether television ratings are desirable. The author argues that if society really is concerned about what children are watching, then it should implement the use of items such as the V-chip, as stated in sentence (7). Let us look for sentences that answer the question, "Why does the What Are the Reasons? " First, note that no evidence is presented. Sentences (2) and (3) jointly form one reason, a descriptive belief: The television ratings are not significant enough to affect change, and they may even encourage some to watch more harmful shows than they would have otherwise watched.

The conclusion will frequently be preceded by indicator words that announce a conclusion is coming. When you see these indicator words, take note of them. They tell you that a conclusion may follow. A list of such indicator words follows: consequently suggests that hence therefore points to the conclusion that thus the point I'm trying to make is it follows that it is highly probable that shows that proves that indicates that the truth of the matter is Read the following passage; then identify and highlight the indicator words.

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