Ascendancy of the Last (Forgotten Realms: The Lady Penitent, by Lisa Smedman

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By Lisa Smedman

Is it the tip for the woman Penitent? Is it the top for Lolth?

Lolth has pop out of hibernation with a plan that can look too bold even for her, and to tug it off she'll desire assistance from a drow who's betrayed her at least one time already--a drow she's reworked into the demonic woman Penitent. The stunning end to a trilogy that would switch the Forgotten Realms international eternally.

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Each PC who then tries to disbelieve the illusion can save vs. spells; heroes who see the cave mouth and describe it to their comrades bestow a +4 bonus to the comrades’ saving throws. But even PCs who see only the illusory rock wall can still walk right through it - as long as they saw Bredge do the same. The small, dark cave is littered with faded bones and nauseating heaps of rotting meat - offerings to Malar. A stone statue of the Beastlord in the form of a crouched panther is perched at the lip of a rough-hewn, 12-footdeep pit.

What’s more, a haunting whinefills the air like a swarm of insects. But as you get closer to the cave mouth, you realize that the whining sounds issue from the red plants themselves - they’re crying. Any PCs who make a successful Wisdom check realize that the red plants are the same ones in 1 x 1 +HE WIZARD! the dream images 1 +HINK 1 KN@W they’ve experiH E A L I N G potions enced while in the W H E N I S E E them! Land of the Hunt. EY sheet) shows part of the gehreleth lair. Sashell picked up on Meuronna’s dream signals and sketched out the result in his journal.

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