As You Like It (Webster's Chinese-Traditional Thesaurus by William Shakespeare

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By William Shakespeare

This variation is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of As you're keen on It. This variation will be priceless

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Weary: 疲劳, 疲乏, 疲倦的. --But who comes here? ] ORLANDO. % JAQUES. Why, I have eat none yet. ORLANDO. Nor shalt not, till necessity be serv'd. JAQUES. Of what kind should this cock come of? DUKE SENIOR. Art thou thus bolden'd, man, by thy distress: Or else a rude despiser of good manners, That in civility thou seem'st so empty? ORLANDO. You touch'd my vein at first: the thorny point Of bare distress hath ta'en from me the show Of smooth civility: yet am I inland bred, And know some nurture. But forbear, I say; He dies that touches any of this fruit Till I and my affairs are answered.

Shrunk: 收缩. sing: 唱, 歌唱, 唱歌. sixth: 第六. sound: 声音, 音. spectacles: 眼镜, 景象. taste: 滋味, 品味, 味道, 尝味. tooth: 牙齿. toward: 朝向. treble: 三重, 三重的. trouble: 麻烦, 难度, 难处. venerable: 可敬, 可敬的. whistles: 口哨. wise: 高明, 明智的, 英明. youthful: 年青, 年轻的, 年青的. William Shakespeare 51 Because thou art not seen, Although thy breath be rude. Heigh-ho! sing heigh-ho! unto the green holly: Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly: Then, heigh-ho, the holly! This life is most jolly. Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky, That dost not bite so nigh As benefits forgot: Though thou the waters warp, Thy sting is not so sharp As friend remember'd not.

Good even to you, friend. CORIN. And to you, gentle sir, and to you all. ROSALIND. I pr'ythee, shepherd, if that love or gold Can in this desert place buy entertainment, Bring us where we may rest ourselves and feed: Chinese Simplified buy: 买, 采买, 购买. clown: 小丑. desert: 沙漠, 背弃, 不毛之地. faint: 暗淡, 隐约, 昏厥, 微弱. fool: 呆子, 笨蛋, 傻子, 笨人, 愚人. friend: 朋友, 熟人, 友人. gentle: 轻松, 文雅的, 斯文, 柔和. gold: 金, 黄金. grows: 成长. kinsman: 男性亲属. mine: 矿, 我的, 矿山, 矿井. ourselves: 我们自己, 我们. pray: 祈祷. rest: 休息, 安息, 其余. shepherd: 牧羊人, 牧羊者.

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