Applied Mechanics. Made Simple by George E. Drabble

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22. Graphs showing related quantities: (a)-(c) are proportional, (d)-(f) are not. (a) Distance against time for a car travelling at constant speed. (b) Pointer movement of a spring balance against weight. (c) Mercury movement of a thermometer against temperature. id) Volume of a cube against length of side. (e) Pressure of a quantity of gas against volume, temperature remaining constant. (/) Pointer movement against weight for a pendulum-type scale. 44 Applied Mechanics Made Simple the relationship between the quantities is not linear, it is often possible to find a relationship which is.

You can probably use this method to prove for yourself that the cable tension Tof the crane boom of Fig. 10 is 20 kilonewtons and that the thrust P in the boom is 17-32 kilonewtons. (7) Moment of a Force The moment of a force may be simply defined as the turning effect of the force. We know that two forces, equal in magnitude but opposite in direction, will produce equilibrium when acting at a point; but examine the ship in Fig. 17. Here the forces are equal and opposite but, because they do not act at one point, it can be seen that they will cause the ship to turn.

Without introducing further calculation, it can be seen that the effect will be to elongate the triangle, so that the oblique sides become flatter, and proportionally longer. If, for instance, we make the wire absolutely horizontal, we finish up with a triangle whose long sides never meet, indicating that the resulting tension would be infinite. Such a situation would be impossible to achieve in practice, for no matter how tight the wire, the central load must cause it to sag a small amount. Even if there is no central load, the dead weight of the rope or wire itself must cause a small amount of sag.

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