Apache: Phrase Book: Essential Code and Commands by Daniel Lopez, Jesus Blanco

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By Daniel Lopez, Jesus Blanco

What's the new crucial for Apache builders? The Apache Phrasebook. full of useful ideas, or "phrases," for projects that the Apache developer a lot accomplish each day, the phrasebook fills the necessity for a quick, useful, to-the-point reference for Apache. The code inside the phrasebook is versatile, so it may be simply tailored for your wishes. brand new challenge could be tomorrow's challenge, so do not waste it slow on long tutorials. pass immediately to functional Apache instruments that supply instantly appropriate recommendations for any state of affairs with the Apache Phrasebook.

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Alternatively, you can use any , , and sections in combination with the SetHandler directive to tell Apache that the contents of these sections are CGI programs. In this case, you will also need to provide an Options +ExecCGI directive to tell Apache that CGI execution is allowed. pl file extension as CGI scripts. cgi In addition to the directives mentioned in the previous section, Apache provides directives that simplify associating specific MIME types, file extensions, or even specific HTTP methods with a particular CGI.

If Apache is listening to the correct address but is inaccessible outside your network, network traffic to your Apache server may be blocked. Use the traceroute utility (tracert on Windows) to test for network connectivity between the hosts in question. Many operating systems prevent access from the outside by default except on a few selected ports. If you are running Apache on a nonstandard port, you may be blocked. How to fix this varies from distribution to distribution. For example, you can use the system-config-securitylevel tool on Fedora systems and the Windows Firewall tool in the Windows Control Panel.

As with the example from the previous section, the directory containing the destination CGI must be marked as allowing CGI execution with either a ScriptAlias directive or the ExecCGI parameter to the Options directive. Troubleshooting the Execution of CGI Scripts ScriptLog logs/cgi_log In addition to the modules and techniques explained in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, the mod_cgi module provides the ScriptLog directive to aid in the debugging of CGI scripts. If enabled, it will store information for each failed CGI execution, including HTTP headers, POST variables, and so on.

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