Anima Mundi: The Rise of the World Soul Theory in Modern by Miklós Vassányi

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By Miklós Vassányi

This paintings offers and philosophically analyzes the early sleek and smooth background of the idea in regards to the soul of the realm, anima mundi. The preliminary query of the research is why there has been a revival of this concept throughout the time of the early German Romanticism, while the concept that of the anima mundi were rejected within the past, classical interval of ecu philosophy (early and mature Enlightenment). The presentation and research starts off from the Leibnizian-Wolffian university, in most cases antagonistic to the idea, and covers classical eighteenth-century physico-theology, additionally reluctant to just accept an anima mundi. subsequent, it discusses early glossy and glossy Christian philosophical Cabbala (Böhme and Ötinger), an highbrow culture which to a point tolerated the assumption of a soul of the realm. The philosophical courting among Spinoza and Spinozism at the one hand, and the anima mundi concept at the different can also be tested. An research of Giordano Bruno’s usage of the concept that anima del mondo is the final step sooner than we supply an account of ways and why German Romanticism, specifically Baader and Schelling asserted and utilized the speculation of the Weltseele. the aim of the paintings is to end up that the philosophical insufficiency of an idea of God as an ens extramundanum instigated the Romantics to imagine an anima mundi which could act as a divine and quasi-infinite middleman among God and Nature, as a locum tenens of God in actual truth.

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C, vol. 1, p. 251. Transl. by M. ; p. 248. Transl. by M. ) 14 This is exactly the stance Leibniz does not accept. As W. ” (Schmidt-Biggemann, 2001, p. , tendency to sin, says Malebranche, is a consequence of the Fall, whereby man, in the primordial person of Adam, yielded to his senses, and became unable to follow the directions of his intellect. Therefore, the tentation of the pleasure of the flesh had to be counterbalanced, in the divine scheme of salvation, by the délectation prévenante of divine grace, the meritory cause of which is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ alone.

By M.  also “XVe Éclaircissement: Sur le chapitre le troisième de la seconde partie du sixième Livre. ” 28 3 The Distinctive Philosophical Content of the anima mundi Concept In other words, the will of God acts and produces an effect whenever in an event of nature a secondary cause proffers an occasion for Him to operate, determining the infinite power of God to produce the effect a natural body cannot produce by itself because of its inertia. Physical interaction between corporeal substances depends, at every moment, on the regular application of the volition of God as primary efficient cause.

From Weinberg”) figures, among five others, on the title page of the booklet, under the heading “Publice disputabunt”. Ötinger is associated with the village of Weinberg where he worked as a pastor for a certain time. We leave open the question of the identity of this respondent, until further research can be done. 21 We learn from a letter addressed to his parents (4 September 1797, AA III 1, p. ) that Schelling knew of, and had an interest in De hylozoismo precisely when he was collecting material for his Von der Weltseele.

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