An Introduction to Information Security and ISO 27001 by Steve G Watkins

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By Steve G Watkins

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Compliance is often used in a legal context. Conformance: fulfilment of a requirement. ’ Hence nonconformance and conformance monitoring. Conformance is often used in a non-legal context. Document control: a system whereby all documents within the system have a standard numbering system that identifies where they sit within that system, as well as a version number, an issue date and a document owner, so that the currency of the document is always clear. When a controlled document is amended, all copies of it should be simultaneously withdrawn and replaced by the new version.

ISMS: see Information security management system. ISO: acronym, from the Greek isos (‘equal to’), adopted by the International Organisation for Standardisation – the world’s largest developer of standards. Its membership comprises the nationalstandards bodies of countries around the world. ISO27002:2005: the international code of best practice for information security which underpins and provides guidance for the implementation of an ISMS, specifically the revised version issued in 2005. It includes individual information security controls, implementation guidance and other information relating to these.

Eradicating poor practices such as writing passwords down, or using sequences or easily guessable combinations, should be strongly discouraged. Where access issues are risk assessed as requiring a greater degree of assurance, say with regard to accessing a system or application remotely, there is the possibility of two-factor authentication. This is where each unique user has to deploy in combination both a physical key (token) and a logical key (password) to be granted access. An example here is a credit card being swiped in a store (the magnetic strip or smart chip being the physical key) and your personal identification number (PIN – the logical key).

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