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By W.Peeters

Книга AH64 Apache AH64 ApacheКниги Наука. Техника Автор: W.Peeters Формат: pdf Размер: 13,9 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Lock On 13Фотоальбом посвященный американскому боевому вертолету AH64 Apache - Апач.

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The interrelation between conceptions of trust and legal sovereignty provides the thematic continuity underlying the diversity and detail of chapters 5–8. Turning ‘inwards’ into the politics of an internationalised territory in chapter 5, I introduce the peculiar proble´matique of an openended institution-building mandate and apply the theoretical observations made in the preceding analysis. In order to indicate spheres in which those conclusions are of policy significance, I have included a memo to the Kosovo Prime Minister and a hypothetical case study.

This study endeavours, if anything, to point out novelties and exceptionalism when appropriate, while indicating continuity and precedence when apposite. The result of such a topological approach is hence not the production of one single mental map, but of layers of a palimpsest through which the conceptual contours of internationalised territories become discernible. Two final, technical notes are in order. Sometimes history is unkind to researchers whose work has been accepted for publication in the wake of international developments that affect one of the case studies under consideration.

PAA (Powers) PACE PCB PCIJ PDSRS PIC PISG PLO PM PMC pp. PSQ R RCADI REG Res. RGDIP RIAA RIEL RIS RSK RTDH s. SAA SACEUR SAP SC SCG SEE sep. op. Sess. SFRY SG SGT xxxi ¨ Osterreichische Zeitschrift f¨ur o¨ ffentliches Recht und V¨olkerrecht page Principal Allied and Associated Powers Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Peacebuilding Commission Permanent Court of International Justice Principal Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General Peace Implementation Council Provisional Institutions of Self-Government Palestine Liberation Organisation Prime Minister Permanent Mandates Commission pages Political Science Quarterly Review Recueil des cours de l’Acade´ mie de droit international de la Haye Regulation Resolution Revue ge´ ne´ rale de droit international public Reports of International Arbitral Awards Review of International and European Law Review of International Studies Republika Srpska Krajina Revue trimestrielle du droit de l’homme section, sections Stabilisation and Association Agreement Supreme Allied Commander Europe Stabilisation and Association Process Security Council Serbia and Montenegro South-Eastern Europe Separate opinion session Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Secretary-General Strategic Group on Transition xxxii SHAPE SIL SNC SOE SOFA SPS SRS S/RES SRSG STM SWAPO TC TCN TFET TIR TRA TS UK UN UNAMA UNAMET UNAMI UNCfN UNCLOS UNCTAD UN Doc.

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