Against The Giants: The Liberation Of Geoff (AD&D Advanced by Sean Reynolds

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By Sean Reynolds

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Torture Chamber: The steps lead down to this cluttered room with a fiftyfoot ceiling (which enables even very tall victims to be hung in chains well above the floor). The stairway and torture chamber are lit by torches but vision range is only fifteen feet due to steam and murk (this similarly limits infravision). Looming out of the gloom, the chamber contains a large (giant-sized) rack, a smaller (human-sized) one, and five other pieces of appropriate equipment, in addition to the iron maiden and well.

Thereafter each head either bites or breathes fire (also Id10 points per head) each round. 7. King Snurre‘s Private Quarters: The great iron doors to this place bear the blazon of the flaming skull. Six hell hounds (two of 6 Hit Dice, two of 5 HD, and two of 4 HD; hp 33,30,25,22,18,17) roam the outer hall. The walls here are set with torched cressets and draped with crude tapestries. There are six chairs and two benches along the walls, among which are interspersed three tables--each with a keg of ale, beer, or mead and drinking vessels of horn or leather at hand.

In a gold-chased silver egg (the two halves screw together) worth 500 gp Loose Loose 40 10. Singing Chamber: This small place has excellent acoustics, and the drops of water falling into the pool along the southern portion of the wall make a pleasant musical sound which can be heard for sixty feet in the silence of the caverns (or at thirty feet distance in normal conditions). The pool's edge is lined by a huge gray ooze blob (hp 24), and another (hp 17) lies along a ledge eleven feet high in the southeast of the place.

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