Aerobics instructor manual: the resource for fitness by Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

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By Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

Aerobics teacher handbook: The source for crew health teachers.

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The development of a high degree of motor skill is sometimes confused with physical fitness, but these two attributes are not necessarily related to each other. A highly skilled person may have a low level of physical fitness, and the reverse may also be true. Motor skill (sometimes referred to as motor performance or motor fitness) is thought to be related to such attributes as agility, balance and coordinationterms that defy precise definition. The five components of physical fitness are: 1.

During this type of muscular contraction, the tension developed within the muscle does not change because the muscle length does not change. , exerting force outward against a door frame). The actual amount of tension developed by a muscle is directly related to the number of motor units stimulated by the nervous system. For example, more motor units will be stimulated to overcome a 10-pound resistance than a 2-pound resistance. Isokinetic contractions, in outward appearance, look much like isotonic contractions.

A neuron capable of conducting nervous impulses very rapidly will synapse with the cells of FT muscle fibers. The cells of ST muscle fibers will be controlled by somewhat slower conducting neurons. Basic Organization of the Muscular System The skeletal muscle cell is a complicated organ and is described only briefly here. Basically, the muscle is entirely surrounded by connective tissue that extends from the tendon, which connects the muscle to the bone. Various sublayers of connective tissue divide each muscle into bundles of individual muscle cells.

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