Aeneis: Latin-English Vocabulary by Hans H. Ørberg

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By Hans H. Ørberg

Latin-English Vocabulary for Ørberg’s version of books I and IV of Vergil’s Aeneid. See that publication for additional information.

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Repair: 수선, 수선하다, 가다, 회복, 배상하다, 의뢰, 보상하다, 배상, 다니다, 의지, 의지하고 가다. soon: 빨리, 기꺼이, 곧, 이내, 이윽고, 하자마자, 하자 마자, 하고 싶다, 보다는 차라리, 일찍. steward: 간사, 집사, 기선, 여객계원, 식사 담당원, 식사 담당자, 사환, 회계. succession: 연속, 계승, 상속, 상속자들, 계승권, 상속권, 연속물. thyself: 너 자신, 그대 자신. whence: 하는 그 곳으로, 어찌하여, 어디서, 바의, 왜, 어떻게, 출처, 하는, 어디로부터. William Shakespeare 37 VARRO'S SERVANT. One Varro's servant, my good lord,-ISIDORE'S SERVANT. % CAPHIS. If you did know, my lord, my master's wants,-VARRO'S SERVANT. 'Twas due on forfeiture, my lord, six weeks and past.

Come hither: pray you, How goes the world, that I am thus encounter'd With clamorous demands of date-broke bonds, And the detention of long-since-due debts, Against my honour? FLAVIUS. Please you, gentlemen, The time is unagreeable to this business: Your importunacy cease till after dinner, That I may make his lordship understand Wherefore you are not paid. Korean beseech: 간청하다, 탄원하다, 간원하다, 원하다, 청하다. cease: 그만두다, 그치다, 끝나다, 중지, 중지하다, 멎다, 멈추다-중지, 끝내다, 중단. clamorous: 시끄러운, 떠들썩한, 떨들썩한. detention: 구류, 억류, 붙듦, 소년원, 붙잡아둠.

This is to Lord Timon; this to Alcibiades. Go; thou wast born a bastard, and thou'lt die a bawd. PAGE. Thou wast whelped a dog, and thou shalt famish a dog's death. Answer not; I am gone. ] APEMANTUS. --Fool, I will go with you to Lord Timon's. FOOL. Will you leave me there? APEMANTUS. If Timon stay at home. You three serve three usurers? ALL SERVANTS. Ay; would they served us! APEMANTUS. So would I, as good a trick as ever hangman served thief. Korean answer: 대답하다, 일치하다, 책임을 큰소리로 말하다, 입에 넣고 씹다, 수취인 주소성명.

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