Adventure Guide to Maine (Hunter Travel Guides) by Earl Brechlin

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By Earl Brechlin

Providing insurance of the historical past, geography and weather, this ebook seems at Maine, united states. It offers year-round actions alongside the coast, up within the mountains and on inland lakes, in addition to wintry weather activities similar to snowboarding, skating, hiking and snowmobiling.

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While these shy predators will take great pains to avoid humans, the intensity of their calls often betrays a close approach. While camped one winter on some high ground in the middle of a vast frozen peat bog, our party was serenaded by coyotes all night long. Their calls came from widely separated ridges surrounding the lowland. Each call was repeated in succession across the valley. Despite calls that indicated one group was only 50 yards or so behind out tents, we never caught sight of the beast.

Paper mills were established in Millinocket and other places where towns soon followed. In the north woods, loggers cut wood all winter and piled it on the shores of rivers and lakes. Come ice out in the spring the raw logs were sent tumbling towards the mills of Bangor and Orono. In the far north, engineers dammed and diverted lakes and streams to force some waterways to flow “backward,” allowing timber and pulp logs to be sent south to mills in Maine rather than north, through Canada, which charged a hefty duty.

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