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Experience Compilation #I and #2 are collections of the easiest of the easiest - the journey retain modules. inside those pages, AEG has compiled, up to date and increased the unique adventures using the revised 3.5 d20 ideas with new maps, new textual content, and new plot hooks, together with rewritten and elevated sections offer extra balanced encounters and deeper demanding situations. Even empty rooms were crammed to make a DM's lifestyles more uncomplicated! all of the whereas, those books offer a campaign's worthy of excessive event to avid gamers of all event degrees. Written for the revised 3.5 d20 ideas. Many new and greater maps. 288 pages. experience #I hyperlinks 24 of the easiest unique AEG Adventures retains jointly into one big plot thread, permitting desktops to strengthen from the first to the thirteenth point. This e-book is a must-have for DMs wanting to deliver the nuance of low-leveling gaming again the place it belongs. Many new and more suitable maps.

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Clusters of crudely built shanties spotted the sprawlingfloor of the cavern, with a distinct divide separating each half of the cavern, like a wide thoroughfare. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals of every race bustled about, all hard at work. At the far end of the cavern, nearly three hundred yards away, I could see a shimmering silvety ribbon falling from the blackness above. A waterfall! ” The workers on the lower level are too concerned with their own business to bother themselves with outsiders.

Moving Hell’s Reach from a maritime location to a landlocked one requires modifications. The sunken portions of the city could be part of a lake, while foot patrols and a large wall could replace the squadrons of warships keeping watch over the city. Perhaps the cataclysm which destroyed the city took the form of a massive flood, partially submerged the city’s remains. The deities central to Hell’s Reach‘s background, Phardon, Velena, and Yollgotha, are described at the end of this gazetteer and easily replaced with similar deities from your own pantheons.

Nearly every major race calls DrahkSuhl home, but the majority dwelling underground are kobolds, orcs, hobgoblins, and the like. They come to trade with the surface world and each other. As a result, the traders here are generally rougher than your run-of-the-mill city-bred merchants. The middle level swarms with those seeking wealth, the bodyguards they bring with them, and the promise of adventure. The sole underlying purpose of DrahkSuhl is the accumulation of wealth in Jin’Zil’scoffers. He created the city for this purpose alone.

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