Adaptive Analog VLSI Neural Systems by M. Jabri, R.J. Coggins, B.G. Flower

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By M. Jabri, R.J. Coggins, B.G. Flower

amplitude ~---. -----. -----. -----,-----. -----,-,~ VfT:j·" four. 50 four. 00 three. 50 q . three. 00 /'\. ~ -'" : ! . 2. 50 ,: \ . . . 1! -. i "'" " 2. 00 1. 50 ··GO··O_O_ ,-. . . . &. , . ; D Q . " . . . / 1. 00 zero. 50 zero. 00 L. -----1. . ---. . l. -----:-:::''"::-::--::-::-'-:::-::------=--::-'-::-:=---=-=""=_:' five. 00 10. 00 15. 00 determine 7. 1 The morphology of ST and VT retrograde 1:1. © 1995 IEEE [Coggins, labri, Flower and Pickard {1995}]. ing to the analog area. also, using differential pair multipliers and present node summing within the community permits a min­ imum of units within the community itself and as a result linked reductions in strength and zone. notwithstanding, within the previous few many years analog sign processing has been used sparingly as a result of the results of gadget off­ units, noise and drift*. The neural community structure alleviates those difficulties to a wide quantity when you consider that it really is either hugely parallel and adaptive. the truth that the community is expert to acknowledge morphologies with the analog circuits in-loop implies that the synaptic weights could be tailored to cancel gadget offsets [Castro, Tam and Holler (1993); Castro and candy (1993)]. The impression of neighborhood un correlated noise is lowered through the parallelism of * so much fabrication tactics were optimised for electronic layout strategies which leads to terrible analog performance.

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The position of this transition is controlled by the relative conductivity of the two transistors. Since the carrier mobility for pMOS transistors is lower than for nMOS by a factor of 2 to 3, the pMOS transistor is frequently designed with a W / L which is larger by the same ratio. When this is done, the transition region becomes centred between Vdd and ground. 7( d) illustrates the best-know property of CMOS logic - namely, that supply current is only drawn within the transition and not when it is in either of its stable logic states.

7( d) illustrates the best-know property of CMOS logic - namely, that supply current is only drawn within the transition and not when it is in either of its stable logic states. In truth, there is a minute current, of the order of picoamps, due to junction leakage. But a VLSI logic chip, with more than 100,000 gates, will draw only microamps of supply current when in its static state. 5 Noise in MOSFETs There are several second-order effects in the physics of MOSFETs, beyond the channel-length modulation effect already described.

Data converters, with modest resolution, have been produced in GaAs technology for operation in the Gsample/sec range. There are two benchmark applications for data converters which DATA CONVERTERS 47 are economically important and have stimulated much of the research over the past ten years. The first, digital audio, is a largely solved problem. It requires 16 - 18 bit resolution at the fairly modest sampling rate of 64ksamples/ sec. Resolutions of 20-22 bits have been achieved, though at lower bandwidths.

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