AATCC Technical Manual by American Assoc. of Textile Chemists and Colorists

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By American Assoc. of Textile Chemists and Colorists

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Confidence intervals are not well established. Thermometers. 1 For Black Panel Thermometers: Testing temperature is measured and regulated by a Black Panel Thermometer unit mounted on the specimen rack to permit the face of it to receive the same exposure as the test specimen. Black Panel Thermometers shall consist of a metal panel at least 70 × 150 mm and not less than 45 × 100 mm whose temperature is measured with a thermometer or thermocouple whose sensitive portion is located in the center of and in good contact with the panel.

W. Pittston PA 18643; tel: 570/603-0432; fax: 570/603-0433; Table III—Coefficient of Variation at Different Surfactant Levels Fig. 2—Plot of results. 00 g/L CV % 0 0 17 11 12 9 11 5 0 TM 17-1999 Fig. 3—Hook for use in test of wetting agents. , div. O. com. 4 turns per meter and a balanced construction is suitable. All the tubes of greige cotton yarn used for making 5 g skeins for a given series of wetting tests must be from the same lot of cotton. To average out the slight differences still remaining between different tubes of the same lot and to increase the number of skeins which are closely alike in wetting properties for the series, it is urged that each skein be reeled simultaneously from 4-12 tubes of yarn.

Different types of carbon-arc test apparatus may be utilized. The design of the test chamber may vary, but it should be constructed from corrosion resistant material, and in addition to the radiant source, may provide for means of controlling temperature and relative humidity. 1 Laboratory Light Source—Enclosed carbon-arc light sources typically use carbon rods which contain a mixture of metal salts. An electric current is passed between the carbon rods which burn and give off ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation.

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