A woman's guide to muscle and strength by Irene Lewis-McCormick

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By Irene Lewis-McCormick

Outlines a coaching routine designed in particular for girls and contains routines for every zone of the physique in addition to instructed exercise session schedules.

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Body Image Your body image is the conception or picture that you have of your own body. We are not born with a body image. The way we feel about how we look is learned and influenced by family, friends, and the media. It is also influenced either positively or negatively by our race and gender and the culture in which we are raised. Research by the American College of Sports Medicine (2007) has shown that a negative body image is linked to serious health and emotional problems. People with poor body image are more likely than those with good body image to experience depression, disordered eating, and anxiety disorders.

Examples of open-chain exercises are chest presses, biceps curls, and leg extensions. , knee extensions or hamstring curl exercises performed on machines) is that they can produce shear forces (speed × distance = force), which stress the knee joint (including the vulnerable ligaments such as the ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament) and are more likely to result in injury to vulnerable joints including the knee, shoulder, and hip. Open-chain exercises are a good choice for beginners, older adults who may need additional support during exercise, and those who are looking to increase the size or strength of a particular muscle.

6 km). So instead of burning 100 calories for 1 mile, you burn about 500, and that’s a lot more calories burned than if you had stayed on the couch. Bottom line: the harder you work, the more calories you expend, and you have to do this on a regular (ideally, daily) basis. Pitfalls of Strength Training Beginning a strength training program can be a confusing endeavor for many women to take on. The following sections address a few of the most common strength training pitfalls and how you can overcome or avoid them.

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