A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing by Richard Gerber

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By Richard Gerber

Publish 12 months note: First released January 2001

At the sunrise of the twenty first century, the outdated paradigms of medication have all started to collapse. We not think that bodies are machines with components that put on down, in simple terms to be braced up by means of medicines or changed via surgical procedure. in its place, progressively more pioneering researchers embody a brand new view of therapeutic -- one expounded by means of Dr. Richard Gerber in his groundbreaking best--seller, Vibrational Medicine.

Now he indicates the right way to placed this new state of mind into functional use, describing the function of attention and "thought forms," in addition to the advantages of homoeopathy, acupuncture, color and lightweight therapeutic, magnetobiology, and different treatments.

A generally informed general practitioner, Dr. Gerber combines medical facts with conventional equipment from the East and West to release our capability for therapeutic ourselves.

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It is caused either by invasion of Exogenous Cold, or by accumulation of Cold, stagnation of Qi, or some substantial blockage such as stones, sand, stagnant Blood or Phlegm. Pain with fixed location This type of pain can be caused either by stagnation of Blood, or by invasion of Exogenous Damp, or by accumulation of Damp in the body. If the pain is due to stagnation of Blood there is a stabbing pain, aggravation of the pain at night and when the person remains in a still position. If it is caused by invasion of Exogenous Damp there is an aversion to cold, slight sweating, a feeling of heaviness in the limbs and trunk, and headache.

Besides a lack of perspiration, the person shivers to help the body maintain its temperature at a normal 27 level. Muscular fibrillation also produces some warmth, so there can be a degree of fever, but chills and a cold feeling are predominant. If the Heart-Yang is deficient, there is pain in the chest, an aversion to cold, cold limbs, palpitations, the spirits are low, there is a pale tongue with a thin coating and deep, slow and thready pulse. If the Spleen-Yang is deficient, there are loose stools, or diarrhoea, abdominal pain, an aversion to cold, cold in the limbs, a feeling of tiredness, a thin and white coating, or even greasy coating, to the tongue and a thready, slow and weak pulse.

INVASION OF WIND-DAMP Symptoms and signs Pain in the entire body with a heavy sensation, soreness and numbness of the muscles, headache with a heavy feeling, painful and swollen joints, low fever, a poor appetite, a thirst without a desire to drink, loose and sticky stools, a white and sticky tongue coating and a deep and slippery pulse. Principle of treatment Dispel Wind, eliminate Damp and relieve the pain. HERBAL TREATMENT A 33-year-old woman complained of pain in her entire body that had persisted for 15 days.

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