A Companion to Hume

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Constituted of twenty-nine especially commissioned essays, A significant other to Hume examines the intensity of the philosophies and impact of 1 of history's such a lot amazing thinkers.
• Demonstrates the diversity of Hume's paintings and illuminates the continued debates that it has generated
• geared up through topic, with introductions to every part to orient the reader
• Explores issues akin to wisdom, ardour, morality, faith, economics, and politics
• Examines the paradoxes of Hume's notion and his legacy, protecting the tools, topics, and outcomes of his contributions to philosophy

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This would generate a non-rationalist account of human psychology applied to a range of theoretical and practical issues: in short, a new treatise of human nature. The “anxiety of influence” might limit the number of explicit references to Hobbes’s work – most notably, the omission from the Treatise’s list of “late philosophers” (T Introduction 7) – but later in life the author might acknowledge that the main problem with Hobbes’s philosophy was his inconsistent attitude to reason. So it harmonizes nicely with this suggestion that, in the final volume of his History of England, Hume assesses Hobbes’s achievement in just these terms.

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