21st Century Villa by Hanlin Liu

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By Hanlin Liu

People's everchanging life result in a growing number of specifications for the general traits of homes, and the calls for for studios have marched in the direction of the mental size and cultural sphere. for that reason, there come up new layout developments and new specifications for atmosphere, fabric choice and layout thought. The layout tasks during this publication lead readers to understand the relief and cosiness of the typical house. The designers of those initiatives have created extra typical, and handy residing areas within the such a lot common and purest layout languages, giving them a accomplished and shiny rationalization of the structure layout idea that structures are created for individuals.

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Sauna 14. Shower Room 15. Terrace 16. Pathway 17. Store 18. Staff Quarters 地下室平面图 1. 车道 2. 车库 3. 仓库 4. 仓库 5. 通风口 6. 商店 7. 办公室 8. 家庭影院 9. 通风口 10. 池塘边的储藏室 11. 池塘 12. 蒸汽房 13. 桑拿房 14. 淋浴房 15. 阳台 16. 通道 17. 储物间 18. 员工休息区 2 1. The furnishings in the living room are arranged around a suspending stove 2. You can admire the panorama of the lake in the living room 3. The bathroom with stainless still walls 1. 客厅的摆设围绕一个悬浮的火炉 2. 在客厅可以欣赏湖泊的全景 3. 浴室,依然使用不锈钢墙面 3 76~77 迈松住宅 Location: Bologna, Italy Designer: Duilio Damilano /Damilano Studio Architects Area: 250 sqm Completion date: 2008 Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna 项目地点:意大利,博洛尼亚 设计师:多伊里奥·达米拉诺/达米拉诺建筑事务所 项目面积:250平方米 竣工时间: 2008年 摄影师:安德里亚·玛蒂娜多纳 Maison The architect really believes in the importance of designing the light as a characterising element of a creative process.

The simple decoration of the bathroom 1. 柔软的地毯、温暖的色调,尽显温馨与舒适 2. 走廊 3. 楼梯与栏杆细节 4. 1 Photographer: Stefan Antoni 项目地点:瑞士,日内瓦 设计师:斯蒂芬·安东尼·欧梅斯达尔·特鲁恩建筑事务所(SAOTA) 项目面积:1400平方 米 竣工时间:2010年1月 摄影师:斯蒂芬·安东尼 Sow Geneva On either side of the 20­­­–metre wide channel sits the two portions that make this house, the main house and the annex. What link the two buildings are the cinemas, spa, auditorium and garages underneath. The main house is a combination of round edged cubes and triangular masses that form the L-shape of the living spaces.

The stone, metal and wood are mixed together and then infused into the new life 二层平面图 2. 厨房和餐区大型的滑动门成为室内到庭院的连接 1. 卧室1 3. 石材、金属、木料混合注入到新生活中 2. 浴室 3. 主浴室 4. 主卧室 5 3 5. 卧室2 6. 办公室 7. 淋浴室 4 6 2 1. 自然光线洗刷着石墙,并赋予了空间生命力 3 60~61 1 2 3 1. The exquisite decoration in every corner of the master bedroom implies cosiness and sentiments 2. The bathroom 3. The grid ceiling creates colourful spatial changes 1. 主卧室每一处精巧的装饰都体现着温馨和情趣 2. 浴室 3. 4平方米 竣工时间:2008年 摄影师: 弗兰克·奥德曼 7 1 8 6 9 2 6 5 4 10 Ground Floor Plan 1. Entry Porch 2.

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