100 Linux Tips and Tricks by Patrick Lambert

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By Patrick Lambert

Convenient linux instructions to assist any method administrator

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100 Linux Tips and Tricks

Convenient linux instructions to aid any method administrator

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Currently the kernel comes with its own set of sound drivers, plus the OSS/Free drivers. These will support most generic cards. In the installation program, or when compiling your kernel, you can pick the sound card that matches yours, or the one that matches the chipset on your sound card (for example, the Sound Blaster PCI64 card uses the AudioPCI chipset). If your sound card is not supported by the kernel, you will need to get another driver. com OSS/Linux is a commercial product that supports a lot of cards not available in other drivers because of card specification restrictions.

46 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 15: Read files from FAT32 drives The Linux utility mount can read any file system that the kernel supports. 34, the kernel supports FAT32, which is the main file system used by Windows 98. To read the FAT32 file system you need to specify the -tvfat option to mount. Here is an example: mount -tvfat /dev/hdb1 /mnt 47 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 16: TV on Linux A number of cards exist allowing you to watch and record TV on your PC. Most come with software for Windows only, like so many things, but it is possible to do the same thing on Linux.

You can tell LILO to mount another kernel you may have, like a "safe" or "old" image you kept for these cases. If the problem is in initialization scripts, you can tell LILO to boot directly into a shell with the following boot command line: LILO boot: linux init=/bin/sh Where "linux" would be your kernel image. 28 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 25: Making CD-ROM images With other operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows or IBM OS/2, you are not allowed in the license to make your own CD-ROM with the OS on it and then distribute it.

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